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Direct Primary Care in Lancaster

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Because All Patients Deserve Great Care and a Partner in Health

Primary care physician Dr. Candice Cavicchia Miller delivers person-centered, high-quality, and evidence-based care to every member of the family at every stage of life. From adults to children, everyone can receive the primary care they need at Sparrow Family Medicine.

To Dr Cavicchia Miller, you’re more than your diagnosis or an appointment on her calendar—you’re someone who deserves compassion, respect, and especially time from a provider you trust with you and your family’s health.

How Tailored Care Takes Flight

Sparrows are social birds. They live in community and support each other.  This was our inspiration in starting Sparrow Family Medicine. If this tiny bird can feel the care and concern from those around them, you deserve someone who is always looking out for you.

As a direct primary care practice, Sparrow Family Medicine is restoring the relationship between patient and physician.

Your provider is not just your doctor, but also your medical advocate and support system. Our membership-based model allows us to offer the highest-quality medical care in a comfortable, welcoming setting where we can take the time to listen to your concerns, understand your goals, and together develop a treatment plan that fits your needs.

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The Benefits of Direct Primary Primary Care

A Dedicated Medical Advocate

Dr. Cavicchia Miller is committed to helping Lancaster residents navigate the complexities of health as well as the complexities of today’s healthcare system.

Direct Access to Your Physician

Forget waiting days for a call-back or leaving voice mails that go unanswered. As a Sparrow member, you can speak to Dr. Cavicchia Miller by text, phone, or email. Direct primary care promises unprecedented access to a doctor you trust.

Convenient Appointments With Minimal Waiting

When you or your loved one is sick, every day you have to wait is one more day you have to suffer. In most cases, we can see you within one to two days of your call, and once you walk into our office, your wait is a short one!

Longer Visits for Improved Outcomes

The average doctor visit is just 15 minutes. That’s not enough time to get to know a patient or diagnose a problem. With extended visits, we can focus on prevention, education, and wellness strategies.

Regular Face-to-Face Visits

We don’t limit your membership to your annual exam. You can see us when you need us, whether you require treatment for an injury or illness, help monitoring a chronic condition, or answers to any questions you have.

Affordable, Accessible Healthcare in Lancaster

With one low monthly membership fee, you’re no longer hit with unexpected bills, high deductibles, or co-pays. Plus, you’ll receive discounted rates on lab testing, medications, and imaging.

Direct Primary Care For All Ages

Medical Services

Let us take your entire flock under our wing with services that meet all of your primary care needs. We serve patients from newborns to their great-grandparents and everyone in between.

Preventative Services

We offer more than vaccines and check-ups—we help you develop smart habits for better overall health and wellness. It’s time that Lancaster was more proactive about preventing disease.

Acute Care

From sore throats to sports injuries, we’re here for the unexpected to help you on the road to recovery.

Pediatric Care

Dr. Cavicchia Miller can care for your little one from day one to give them their healthiest start to life. Get started with direct primary care for children!

Chronic Disease Treatment

Direct primary care provides us the time to help you understand your chronic disease and learn to better manage it.

Women’s Health Care

Take control of your reproductive health and improve your well-being with our whole woman approach to care.


Diagnosing a medical condition starts by having the right conversation to get to the root of the problem faster.

Membership Packages

Our one-time enrollment fee is $75 per family member with a cap of $150 per family.

Ages 0-24


Per Month

Ages 25-49


Per Month

Ages 50+


Per Month

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Sparrow Family Medicine is a membership-based practice with a limited number of patients, which allows us to provide the high quality, patient-focused care that we and our members value. 

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