Direct Primary Care

A Welcoming Family Practice in Lancaster

Your family deserves more than crowded waiting rooms, 15-minute visits with your doctor, and sky-high co-pays and deductibles for primary care.

You deserve a family medicine physician who values relationships with each patient, educates you on your health condition, and is a true partner in helping you achieve your goals. Someone who understands the healthcare system and medicine and helps you make them work for you.

Direct primary care is changing how family medicine is delivered, putting the patient—not their insurance company—at the heart of healthcare. Enroll as a patient with Sparrow Family Medicine, and you’ll receive direct access to high-quality, evidence-based medical care in Lancaster for one low monthly membership fee. Your membership includes visits as needed with Dr. Candice Cavicchia Miller, whether it’s for a school check-up, treatment for an illness or injury, or the management of a chronic condition. And by keeping our practice small and insurance out of the picture, we offer appointments that fit your schedule and tailor care to you.

The Benefits of Patient-Centered Care

A Medical Advocate for Every Member of the Family

Navigating healthcare can feel overwhelming, especially when you’re already struggling with your health. Dr. Cavicchia Miller takes the time to help you understand your options for evaluation and treatment and coordinates care with specialists.

No More Waiting for Appointments

Fitting doctor visits into your busy schedule is hard enough, but if you’re also arranging care for other family members, it can become overwhelming. Sparrow offers appointments within one to two days of your call, and in most cases, can fit them to your timeframe. Plus, once you arrive for your appointment, your wait time will be minimal.

Longer Visits, Better Outcomes

A visit to Sparrow is two to three times longer than an average primary care appointment. We have the opportunity to really get to know you and your family and build a trusting relationship that will last for years to come. When we fully understand your health history and habits, we can deliver truly personalized care.

Access to Your Provider

We don’t limit your membership to an annual exam or charge you extra when you’re sick. You can see Dr. Cavicchia Miller when you need to and reach out to her directly by phone, text, or email when you have questions. In addition, regular visits mean we can also better monitor and treat chronic conditions.

Forget Surprise Fees or Unexpected Charges

As a Sparrow member, you know exactly how much you’ll pay for healthcare month after month. Not only is our monthly fee cost-effective, but when insurance no longer dictates your care, surprise bills, high deductibles, and co-pays no longer sneak up on you. You’ll also save with discount rates on lab testing, medications, and imaging.

Why Should My Family Choose Direct Primary Care?

Insurance has completely changed how primary care is delivered. As reimbursements drop and costs rise, the typical family medicine physician is pressured to fit as many patients in their day as possible. Today, the average provider spends less than 20 minutes with each patient, leaving minimal time for anything besides addressing the condition at hand.

At Sparrow, we believe to truly help a patient, we need to listen to where you’re at, find out your goals and personal philosophy of medicine, have time to discuss your options, and help you decide on the best treatment plan for you and your family. With extended visits and without the burden of unnecessary paperwork, we’re able to improve patient outcomes and patient satisfaction by building caring, compassionate relationships, educating patients on your overall health, and better diagnosing and treating conditions through evidence-based medicine.

High-Quality Primary Care is Just a Call Away

To learn more about enrolling as a Sparrow member, please contact us at our family medicine clinic in Lancaster at 717-478-3850.