High-Quality Care – Whether You’re Flying
Solo or With a Flock

Sparrow Family Medicine strives to be your medical home for every stage of life. As a primary care provider, Dr. Candice Cavicchia Miller serves patients of all ages, from infants to seniors, for healthier families across generations. This whole-person, whole-household approach allows us to build trusting, compassionate relationships with each member of your family and dedicate more time to their care.

By getting to know you on a personal level, we can bring to light how your family history and current lifestyle impact your health and curate a care plan that doesn’t just treat the medical conditions you face, but helps prevent them in the first place. In addition, we are especially focused on patient-centered education to help you integrate health and wellness strategies into your daily life.

Our Primary Care Services

The art of medicine lies in applying evidence-based, scientific knowledge to your individual philosophy and healthcare goals. Our approach to care is truly collaborative, so you can feel confident that every healthcare decision you make in our office is the right one for you.

Pediatric Care

From the moment you welcome your little one to the nest, Dr. Cavicchia Miller is there by their side—and yours. Because visits are unlimited for Sparrow families, she can better monitor your child’s health year after year and track their development to ensure they’re hitting important milestones. She’s also available by text or email to answer any questions you have as you navigate through this adventure called parenthood.

Well Child Visits · Sports Physicals · Allergy & Asthma · Sick Visits · Immunizations · Behavioral Health Screenings · Vision and Hearing Screenings · Fluoride Varnish · Chronic Disease Management

Preventative Services

Vaccines and routine check-ups are just the start to a healthier life. True wellness includes knowing your risk factors for chronic health conditions and developing healthy habits to improve your physical and mental well-being. By spending more time with you at your visit, Dr. Cavicchia Miller gets to know you on a one-on-one basis. In addition to guiding you toward a healthier lifestyle, she can better identify early warning signs of a potential medical problem and provide proactive care and treatment.

Routine Check-Ups · Vaccinations · Health Screenings · Vision and Hearing Screenings · Patient Education · Disease Prevention · B12 Injections · Removal or Treatment of Benign Skin Lesions, Warts, and Skin Tags

Acute Care

The unexpected can happen at any time. Dr. Cavicchia Miller treats minor illnesses and injuries for patients of all ages, from ear infections and sore throats to sprained ankles and skin infections. Instead of waiting days to get in for an appointment, Sparrow Family Medicine members can be seen by Dr. Cavicchia Miller within one to two days of your call for faster treatment and a quicker recovery.

Non-Emergency Acute Care · Sick Visits · In-Office Procedures · Coordination of Care · EKGs · Urinalysis · Strep, Flu and COVID Testing · Ear Wax Removal · Wound Repair, Including Sutures · Abscess Incision and Drainage.

Chronic Disease Treatment

Taking control of your health means understanding your chronic condition, its effect on your body, and how you can better manage it. Direct primary care allows us the time to answer every question you have and develop a custom care plan beyond the prescription pad—one that includes nutrition, exercise, and other lifestyle changes to slow disease progression, and in some cases, cure it completely. We also coordinate care with local specialists if additional treatment is required.

Diabetes Management · Hypertension · High Cholesterol · Hypertension · Anxiety and Depression · Autoimmune Disorders · Asthma · Weight Management · Other Chronic Health Conditions

Women’s Health Care

By offering a whole patient approach to care, Dr. Cavicchia Miller empowers women to take control of their health, starting in their teen years and continuing to menopause and beyond. She not only helps patients determine the best options for their reproductive health, but focuses on preventing and treating conditions that can impact a woman’s quality of life physically, mentally, and emotionally. While Sparrow provides gynecological care, we do not offer obstetrics services.

Well Woman Exams · Pap Smears · Breast Health · Gynecological Concerns · Osteoporosis Treatment · Management of Menopause Symptoms · Birth Control Counseling · IUD Removal · Nexplanon Placement and Removal · STI Screening and Treatment

Become a Sparrow Family Patient

Learn more about becoming a Sparrow Family Medicine member and the benefits of direct primary care by contacting our primary care clinic in Lancaster at 717-478-3850.